Welcome to Lunova Group.  We are an executive search firm with capabilities ranging from first tier management up to the executive board room

Our firm is focused on recruiting for roles in sales, marketing, operations and engineering.  Our client base stretches across the United States and we have assisted our multinational clients in numerous searches outside of our borders.  If you are looking for the next rainmaker to add to your sales team or a senior executive that will take your firm to the next level, we would love to speak with you.

We pride ourselves on building long term relationships with both the candidates and the clients that we serve.   Organizational expert Tom Peters once said that “a relationship is not something that you pursue; it’s what happens to you when you are immersed in serving the dreams of your customer.”  It is our belief that if we simply invest ourselves in the ambitions of our clients then our success is sure to follow.   This has proven to be true as over 90% of our client base has engaged us on multiple occasions.

Our firm is a collection of hard-driving individuals with very diverse backgrounds, which have enabled us to gain traction in a number of different industries.  Our client base spans across manufacturing, building services, heavy industry, water treatment, refractories/ceramics, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and various professional services.  The common theme is simply this: we connect game-changing talent together with great organizations.

As we have grown as a company we have adopted industry-leading best practices that have allowed us to better serve our customers.  However, our very best practice is the fundamental approach of operating with integrity and getting the job done.  This simple philosophy has allowed us to prosper as a company and has enabled us to serve our community as well as our client base.

Founded in 2009, Lunova Group is now one of the fastest growing companies in Pittsburgh.  We look forward to speaking with you about how we can be part of your success.