1-Research-Active 2-Sourcing 3-Assessment 4-Evaluation 5-Selection

Research-PhotoYour Organization

In order to determine the type of person that might be a good fit for a given role we must first obtain a solid understanding of your organization as a whole, where you are today, and where you are going.

We will take the time to learn about your:

  • Leadership Team
  • Team Members
  • Culture
  • Your Ambitions (where are you going? Strategic Plan?)


Your Industry

Once we have learned about your company we must then learn about how your unique organization fits into your particular industry. While we may already have experience in a given market it is important to understand it from your perspective.

This includes:

  • Competitors
  • Similar Marketplaces (similar industries? Other places where talent is transferable)
  • Trade Associations, Conferences, Etc


The Job

Once we have a solid understanding of your organization and industry we will then dig into all the job specific details that will be critical in a new role. It is not just about an individual’s work experience, we also need to understand what behaviors and personality will fit with your existing team and culture.

  • Behavioral Profile
  • Core Characteristics
  • Experience
  • Basic Requirements
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