1-Research-Active 2-Sourcing 3-Assessment 4-Evaluation 5-Selection


We will meet with your team to review candidate finalists and help you determine who will be the best fit for your organization.



We help you manage the time consuming and often complicated process of making an offer, ensuring acceptance of the offer, and on-boarding your new employee.

We manage:

  • Compensation negotiation
  • Benefits issues
  • Navigation of the counter offer
  • Non compete issues
  • Any other issues that may prevent your organization and the ideal candidates from forming a long term professional relationship.



What good is finding that perfect candidate if they don’t stay with your organization long term? We stay in touch to ensure there are no issues so that minor annoyances can be addressed before they become relationship ending problems. We leverage our relationship with your organization and the individual to greatly improve the likelihood of a long term fit.

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